The DEA Just Labeled Yet Another Powerful Healing Plant As A Schedule Narcotic


The U.S. DEA has just banned one of the most powerful plant medicines on the market. It’s leaving thousands of people in an absolute panic about what they’re going to do next. This is an extremely important subject so please read on and share this information as far and as wide as you can. 

According to the DEA,  Schedule 1 Narcotics are dangerous drugs with no medicinal value with a high potential for abuse. Most won’t disagree that heroin and GHB belong on the list, but you’ll also find psilocybin mushrooms, peyote and of course, Cannabis, all of which have been used as a powerful medicine for thousands of years. Most of you should know by now that Cannabis has hundreds of medical uses. It’s a well proven cancer treatment, it stops seizures, it helps parkinson’s, alzheimer’s, diabetes and so many other things. So, WHY do they claim it has no medicinal value?

Well, they know it does since the US Government actually holds patents on the fact that it works as a medicine.  They also know that a few of the other drugs on the Schedule 1 Narcotics list are also powerful medicines. Now they’ve just added yet another.


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