The DEA Just Labeled Yet Another Powerful Healing Plant As A Schedule Narcotic

This remedy has been extremely popular due to the absence of severe side effects and very high efficiency. Regardless of all that, the CDC is claiming it has no medicinal uses and even calling the highly useful plant from the coffee family “an emerging public health threat.”

They cite some highly vague claims about emergency room visits discussed by Dr’s “who asked not to be named” as well as a released a report on July 29th that cites the National Institute of Drug Abuse and a  of stories alleging side effects from the herb as their justification for doing so. Does Kratom kill? Not according to the millions of people that use it. Does it show a high potential for abuse? Well, you can argue even cheeseburgers have a high potential for abuse nowadays. You can abuse just about anything, so why target THIS plant specifically?

Many believe it’s been targetted for the same reason they’re banning all kinds of plant medicines and natural remedies. Big Pharma Lobbyists. Money talks and it talks very loudly in D.C. When hundreds if not thousands of people are telling their Doctors that they no longer need their pills because they’ve found a natural plant that does the job even better, did you really expect that Big Pharma was going to allow this to spread further? This is the main reason why Cannabis is still illegal, and now it’s the same thing with Kratom. But hey, don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s a glimpse at a few testimonials from people (including a doctor) that have been using the medicine for years and discussing just how important this medicine is.


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