The Importance Of Bees: Why It Really Matters That So Many Are Dying


Bees, whether we know it or not, are responsible for many of the foods we eat, and of course,  honey! Without bees our crops would die and mankind will be plunged into despair.

Bees are flying insects that pollinate our crops and flowers. They are life givers and sustainers of life. There are over 20 000 different species of bee, each one unique and important to our eco-system.

Bees are responsible for ‘fertilizing’ our crops, which in turn are eaten by livestock which we then eat, assuming you’re a meat eater. Needless to say, if bees are removed from the picture, humanity and planet earth are doomed.

For instance, for every (approximately 100) fruit trees, one bee hive is needed for pollination. Without that bee hive the fruit trees will not grow. Studies have shown that fruit trees regularly visited by bees produce perfectly shaped fruits in compassion to trees rarely visited by bees, which produce deformed, discolored fruits.  This a list of just some of the fruit and veg that rely on bees;


cauliflower, cabbage, garlic, blueberries, pumpkins, plumbs, onions, cherries, cucumbers and many more.

One of the most interesting things about bees is that they are able to get disease, and just like us and many other animals, they also feel stress.



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