The Importance Of Bees: Why It Really Matters That So Many Are Dying

The cold hard truth is that if we don’t look out for the bees we will suffer in the long term. The thought of a dystopian world comes to mind when I think about the death of and effect of bees dying would have on our planet.

They are just as a part of our Eco-system as we are.There has also been evidence of bees dying after being infected with a pesticide from weeds and flowers that were apparently not the target of spray. van Engelsdorp goes onto say; “It’s not clear whether the pesticides are drifting over to those plants but we need take a new look at agricultural spraying practice.”

In a conversation I had with a former bee keeper I asked him to tell me what he’s learned from the bees, he replied by saying; “They have taught me how important it is to live as a community, they operate as  one, and give their lives for each other. Together they sustain life.”

Just some food for thought!


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