Native American Zodiac And Its True Meaning About Your Personality


1. Otter (January 20th – February 19th)

The otter is unusual and quirky. People born under this sign are really hard to be figured out.

Everything they do is in the sign of uniqueness. They look at things differently than others and sometimes deal with solving the problems.

The otter is sympathetic, honest, and extremely courageous


2. Wolf (February 20th – March 19th)

The wolf is highly mysterious, emotional, and passionate.

People born with this sign understand things about the world that others are not able to. They are observers and good listeners.


3. Falcon (March 20st – April 19th)

The falcon has the sense to be a leader. Some call him the natural born leader.

Many people look up at the falcons for a direction.

They are extremely supportive but sometimes intolerant and impatient.


4. Beaver (April 20th – May 20th)

The beaver is the engineer. Just like the animal. In their heads there are many strategies to achieve their goals.

They are hardworking, witty, and brilliant.

Sometimes they know to make bad images for themselves by being possessive and nervous.po

5. Deer (May 21st – June 20th)

The deer is inspiring and fast. People born with this sign have a huge sense of humor and can make everyone laugh.

They are moody and aware of their surroundings.po

6. Woodpecker (June 21st – July 21st)

Woodpeckers are empathic listeners and want to make the world a better place for living.

They make amazing parents and partners. People with this sign are little bit hard headed. This makes them susceptible to possessive behavior, anger and jealousy.


7. Salmon (July 22nd – August 21st)

The salmon is creative, smart and has an electric personality.

People with this sign are naturally enthusiastic and they love their life.

Setting up goals and purpose for everything is in their blood. If this is absent, they could find themselves in egotistical or depressed behavior.


8. Bear (August 22nd – September 21st)

The bear is the quiet one. Bear people are hard to figure out. They are the best business partners and often the voice of the group or family and friends.

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