BREAKING: Cops Ambushed; 1 Dead, Six Wounded

WEST PHILADELPHIA – Two West Philly police officers were shot along with 5 civilians on Friday.

Philadelphia Police Sgt. Sylvia Young who has 19 years on the force was ambushed by a BLM thug as she sat in her patrol car on Friday night. Sergeant Young was shot 8 times. Most of the bullets struck the officer in her left arm, WPVI 6 reports.

Sergeant Young was wearing a bullet-proof vest which most likely saved her life.

Nicholas Glenn, 25, identified as the gunman

Nicholas Glenn, 25, identified as the gunman

The suspect, later identified as 25-year-old Nicholas Glenn, fled the scene on foot and other officers gave chase.

Glenn then shot a restaurant security guard in the leg, and used a woman as a human shield as police closed in. The scumbag then shot the woman in the leg.

Fleeing the scene once again, the pos fired into a passing vehicle, hitting the driver and a passenger in the chest.

The victims were male and female. The woman was pronounced dead at the hospital, the male victim is in critical condition, fighting for his life.


Police finally cornered Glenn and a shootout ensued. UPenn officer Eddie Miller was shot twice during the firefight. Police unloaded on the terrorist thug and he was killed.

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