Mindblowing Photographs Of A Selection Of The Last Remaining Tribes On Earth


The Maasai tribes are located in Kenya and Tanzania. From a young age the Maasai boys are being groomed to become men and warriors. With all the responsibilities that belong to those roles.

ancient tribes earth photographs
The role of a warrior is protecting the livestock from human and animal enemies and predators and to keep their families safe.

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“Lions can run faster than us, but we can run farther”

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The Nenets tribes also known as Samoyeds are located in Seberia.

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They are one of the last reindeer herder tribes. Facing extreme temperatures from minus 50°C in winter to 35°C in summer.

“If you don’t drink warm blood and eat fresh meat, you are doomed to die on the tundra”

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The Huaorani tribes are found in Ecuador and Argentina where they live already for over a thousand years in the Amazonian rainforrests.
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Huaorani means literally human beings or ‘the people’. The outside world was unknown to them the year of 1956,  no contact was made until then.



The Vanuatu tribe is located in the Torba province on the Rah Lava Island.

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Many Vanuatu believe their wealth is obtained throug ceremonies. Those ceremonies contain a lot of dance which is an important part of their culture.

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The Ladakhi tribe are located in the North of India.

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This tribes share their believes with their Tibetan neighbors.
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The status of women from the Ladakhi tribe is extremely high compared to the rest of rural parts of India.


The Mursi tribe is found in Ethiopia. They mark their body with horse shoe scars. Men receive them on the right arm and women on the left. When a warrior excels he receives an additional scar on his thigh.

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“It’s better to die than live without killing”

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The Mursi tribe is among the last groups in Africa where women wear potlery or wooden discs in their lower lip.


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