Mindblowing Photographs Of A Selection Of The Last Remaining Tribes On Earth


The Rabari tribes have been roaming the Indian desserts for over a thousand years.

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The woman manage all the hamlets and all money matters, the men on the other hand are on the move with the herds.



The Samburu tribes are located in Kanya and Tanzania. They are extremely independent and semi nomadic. This way they assure their cattle to have enough food. The Samburu relocate every five to six weeks.

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Samburu men are seen as adolescent until the age of 30, only then they will start to get married. The elder men have the monopoly on women as they are allowed to marry as much as they want. This creates often cases of infidelity.

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The Mustang tribe, even though they politically belong to Nepal, they are one of the last tribes that uphold the Tibetan culture, history and religion as it stands of the verge of disappearing.

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Religion is a big part of the Mustangs lives. Their daily prayers are a guidance throughout their day.

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Most of the Mustangs are still highly convinced the Earth is flat.


The Maori tribe is situated in New Zealand, they are worldwide known for their war dance called the ‘Haka’ and their impressive Polynesian tattoo arts.

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“My language is my awakening, my language is the window to my soul”

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The Maori are a polytheist culture, they worship many gods, goddesses and spirits. They also seek guidance and protection from their ancestors in times of need. to help the tribe in times of need.

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