Mindblowing Photographs Of A Selection Of The Last Remaining Tribes On Earth


This indigenous tribe, situated in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, has an immense respect for the wonders of nature. Their culture is simple but very loving with strong family bonds. They live of hunting and gathering and have plenty of good food.

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Their make-up and ornaments is mostly to intimidate their enemies during war-fare.

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“Knowledge is only rumour until it is in the muscle”

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The Huli tribe, also called the Haruli or wigmen, are one of the biggest indigenous tribes of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, numbering approximately 90.000 people. Their wigs are made from their own hair and they are extremely recognizable by their yellow, red and blue painted faces.

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The Huli culture is based on hunting and gathering. Of which the hunting is being done by the man and the gathering by the women. When the men go to war, this is with the intention of gathering more land, pigs and women.

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Men and women live traditionally in separate quarters.


The Himba tribe has a estimated population of 50.000 people. They are located in Namibia.

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A Himba man has an average of two wives. The marriages are arranged and the most crucial aspect that are looked for in a wife are her looks, since this tells other about her background and phase of life.

himba tribe

The rules within the indigenous group are set out by the head man, this is in most occasions the grandfather.


The Kazakh tribe is located in Mongolia and several other parts of northern Asia. They are first foremost known for their eagle hunting. The Kazakhs are descendants of Turkic and medieval Mongol tribes. This nation was one of the most effected nations by the Sovjet, where more than 66% of their population died.

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Many Kazakhs still uphold the pre-Islamic and shamanic beliefs. They worship the sky , their ancestors and the elements. Supernatural forces also play a dominant role in their culture, good and evil spirits and also wood goblins and giants. Of which the Kazakhs protect themselves with talismans and beads.

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